July 30, 2014 Staff

Mario King Lyte


Born in Brooklyn, NY on April 14, 1990, Mario Lyte is of Barbadian and English descent and is one of four children. Attending P.S. 183 in his youth, Mario was a precocious, musical prodigy. Writing songs and performing at the tender age of nine years old, he soon found himself enrolled into the Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented. Moving to Valley Stream, NY, Mario attended Valley Stream Central High School, learning Pro Tools and Electronic Music in ninth grade.

In his senior year of high school, Mario had enrolled himself in the military, leaving for training upon graduating in June of 2008, and while training, had kept a journal where he continued to write lyrics. After his summer training, Mario began to bring his music to life IMG_mario_02through recording with his nephew and a few fellow artists. With the best of confidence, Mario began pushing out his remixes under the stage-name “King Lyte”, creating a noteworthy fan-base right in the town of Valley Stream; however, it wasn’t the pinnacle of success just yet; it was from there that Mario’s ambition pushed him further as he wrote and produced more tracks.

In the summer of 2009, along with other members, Mario had founded “ACES NATION”. Though ACES NATION was originally established as a small, casual crew going by the name “Aces”, it was later converted into a label. With a little patience, a little hope, and a lot of ambition, ACES NATION LCC was doing business by February of 2012, transmuting into a newly formed company with music and culture being the ultimate force that drove and led all of the members.

Mario Lyte found himself in the rightfully granted position of being the founder and CEO of ACES NATION LLC. Not only was ACES NATION LLC creating and publishing music, but they were also developing websites, creating documentaries, musicals; video games, apps, and a substantial amount of other technology-driven services and products. By broadening their horizons, the label became a jack of all trades within the entertainment and media industry. Furthermore, with Mario’s natural gift for music, along with his unquestionably insuperable ambition, it is through ACES NATION that Mario intends to change the way that musicians view technology and use that movement to shape the world. The ultimate goal? To bridge the gaps between music and culture through traveling worldwide with the assistance of ambassadors dedicated to ACES NATION’s movement, anticipating the oncoming of a legacy that will connect people through goodwill and music.